Riley Mills

Why You Shouldn't Attempt To Fix Garage Door Springs As A DIY Project

When your garage door springs malfunction, should you look for instructions on how to fix the equipment or contact a contractor for repair service? Even if you're skilled at completing do-it-yourself tasks, working on this kind of project is dangerous for someone without experience. The springs exert a large amount of force, which means they are under substantial pressure. In addition, the door itself is heavy and unwieldy. Relevant Statistics

4 Reasons Your Overhead Garage Door Has Come Off Its Track

A fully-functional garage door is something many people take for granted. However, if the door experiences a mechanical fault, it may render your garage space unusable. One problem that commonly occurs is the garage door coming off its tracks. When this happens, the door can come crashing down. This problem can be both dangerous and inconvenient. Thus, it's paramount to ascertain the cause and fix it immediately. Below are four reasons your overhead garage door has come off its tracks.

Garage Door Repairs You Should Know How To Do On Your Own

The garage door mechanism responsible for making your garage open and close is an important component. Without it, you have to manually open and close your doors, which may not be a big deal, but it can be difficult to heave it up and to get it to stay open. After a while, this will get old for you, and you're going to want your garage door repaired quickly, especially as the weather gets colder outside.

What to Do When Your Garage Door Opener Stops Working

If your garage door opener has stopped working, you may be wondering what to do now? Of course, there could be a number of different things wrong with your opener. It might just be that your remotes and/or buttons are broken. This is a wiring issue that is cheap and easy to fix. But, if your actual motor for the door is broken, there is a lot to consider. That is, you need to decide whether you're just going to replace the opener, or if it will be more worthwhile to replace your entire garage door system.

Common Sources Of Garage Door Repairs

It can be a common situation for a homeowner to need to repair their garage door. While repairing a garage door that has been damaged will be an important goal for any homeowner, it is a reality that homeowners are often very unaware of the types of damage that they can expect from their home's garage door system. Damaged Guide Rails There are a series of guide rails that will help the door to raise and lower along the designed path.