Common Sources Of Garage Door Repairs

It can be a common situation for a homeowner to need to repair their garage door. While repairing a garage door that has been damaged will be an important goal for any homeowner, it is a reality that homeowners are often very unaware of the types of damage that they can expect from their home's garage door system.

Damaged Guide Rails

There are a series of guide rails that will help the door to raise and lower along the designed path. If these rails were to become bent, warped, or damaged in other ways, the door may not actually be able to move up and down these rails. Whether or not the railing can be repaired will depend on the amount of warping or damage that has occurred. In some cases, a garage door repair contractor may have to replace the entire guide rails in order to correct the damage. This can be a surprisingly complicated repair as the guide rails will need to be perfectly aligned to allow the door to follow the correct path. Professional garage door repair technicians will have tools that allow them to accurately ensure that the replacement guide rails are installed in the correct locations.

Broken Windows

Most garage doors will have a window on them that can allow light into this area of the home. Unfortunately, a broken garage door window can be a source of sizable problems. From a security standpoint, this damage could potentially allow someone to enter the garage or to open the door. Additionally, it can contribute to a high risk of water damage occurring due to rain coming into the garage through this opening. Replacing a damaged garage door window will not be a lengthy repair, but it is one that may need to be done professionally. Replacing these windows may require parts of the garage door to be disassembled so that the old pane of glass can be removed before the new one is set into place.

Dented Panels

Damage to the panels of a garage door can be another routine repair that a homeowner may need. When these panels become warped or dented, they will impact the appearance of the garage door while also potentially preventing it from raising and lowering. Repairing this type fo damage is possible through replacing the damaged panel. The fact that garage doors are constructed in a segmented fashion can allow a repair technician to easily pull out the panels that have been damaged so that replacement panels can be inserted.