Why You Shouldn't Attempt To Fix Garage Door Springs As A DIY Project

When your garage door springs malfunction, should you look for instructions on how to fix the equipment or contact a contractor for repair service? Even if you're skilled at completing do-it-yourself tasks, working on this kind of project is dangerous for someone without experience. The springs exert a large amount of force, which means they are under substantial pressure. In addition, the door itself is heavy and unwieldy.

Relevant Statistics

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors reports that about 20,000 U.S. residents are treated in emergency rooms every year due to injuries caused by garage doors. Citing data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the association notes that most of these ER patients have suffered pinched fingers.

Hazardous Components

Pinched fingers may not seem like a problem requiring emergency medical care until you consider how serious the injury could be. The fingers might have been severed, or nearly so. They may have been crushed. A doctor might have to perform an amputation.

You might first think of fingers being pinched between the panels of a garage door, and that often is the case. However, when attempting repair work, other parts of the system can seriously injure a person's hands. Springs, cables, and pulleys are also culprits in these accidents. 

Understanding Parts Replacement

After inspecting the system, garage repair technicians know which parts are required to return the equipment to useful and safe functioning. They understand that other components besides the obvious malfunctioning one may also need replacement. If the spring mechanism is worn and deteriorated, additional parts probably are as well. The technician might need to replace cables, cable drums, roller stems, and bearing plates. The homeowner is unlikely to recognize all of the parts that should be replaced.

Skills and Special Tools

You may not have all the tools required for this project. The garage remains in a state of disrepair while you figure out what tools are needed and perhaps make a trip to a hardware store. In contrast, garage repair mechanics already have everything necessary and are skilled at using the devices. They also know the precise steps they must take while performing this job. One wrong move could lead to disaster.

DIY garage door spring repair is time-consuming and hazardous. Along with the safety considerations, someone who is inexperienced with this kind of work could make the problem worse. That means more expensive repair work. It's best to call a contractor providing experienced garage door spring service and replacement.

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