Garage Door Repair: 3 Signs That Your Roll-Up Commercial Garage Door Is Damaged

Roll-up garage doors are popular because they take up less space, offer great insulation, and need minimal maintenance. However, like other doors, they are bound to wear out and start failing after some time. When the door develops a problem, you need to seek the services of a commercial garage door repair contractor to fix any issue that your roll-up door might have. Here are three signs that indicate your door is failing.

1. Loud Noises

It is normal to hear some sounds when you use your roll-up door. However, if the noises are too loud, you should be concerned. Some common sounds a damaged roll-up door produces are rattling, grinding, squeaking, and clinking noises. When you notice such noises, it can be tempting to diagnose the problem alone. But unless you are a trained professional, you might not get the diagnosis right, and any attempt to fix it might worsen the situation. So, you need to hire a professional to inspect and determine the cause of the problem. Since they have fixed many doors, they will diagnose and fix the problem quickly.

2. High Utility Bills

When in good condition, your roll-up door will offer you convenient service, but when it starts failing, it could strain your electrical bills. Common issues that could cause your door to consume more power are faulty wires, loose connections, short circuits, and incorrect wiring between sensors. Though it is possible to fix the failing wires, it is unsafe, and any slight mistake could cause electrocution or the door to fall and injure you. Therefore, if you notice a spike in your utility bills and suspect your roll-up door might be faulty, hire professionals to fix it. They are equipped with the right tools and know the best way to handle the door restoration without getting injured or hurt.

3. Door Not Closing

It is frustrating to notice that your commercial roll-up garage door is closing partially, which could compromise security. A partially open door could cause your heating and cooling unit to overwork. Some of the reasons that might be causing your garage door not to close include sensor misalignment, broken springs, dented doors, or damaged tracks. So, if your door is not closing all the way through, call a professional to give you a proper diagnosis of the problem and handle the repair safely.

Loud noises, high utility bills, and the door not closing are the signs that you need to hire a roll-up door that needs repair service. Calling professionals on time will prevent the problem from escalating to a point where you have to install a new door. 

For more info about garage door repairs, contact a local company.