5 Reasons To Choose A Steel Garage Door

When it's time to replace your garage door, look no further than to a steel door. Steel is one of the best materials on the market for modern garage doors.

1. Increased Durability

Steel doors can last a lifetime. They aren't prone to rust or corrosion, and most are fabricated to be resistant to dents as well. Unlike vinyl, you don't have to worry about an impact punching a hole through the material. Steel also won't splinter or rot like wooden garage doors. Longer-lasting doors mean fewer maintenance calls and fewer chances of a premature replacement need.

2. Low Maintenance Requirements

Steel doors need nothing more than the most basic garage door maintenance, which typically means lubricating any hinges or moving parts that link the steel panels together. The doors can become dusty or dirty, which won't lead to damage, but you may want to rinse them off periodically with a hose. If the painted finish suffers a scratch, a bit of touch-up paint will solve the issue.

3. Range of Styles

You can find a steel door in nearly any style you desire. Some are made to resemble the decorative paneling of wood doors, with finishes that even mimic that of wood grain. Doors are available in basic styles as well as more decorative looks with integrated windows and fancy trim. As for color, you can have a steel door painted any color you desire. Powder coating methods can even provide more detailed and decorative paint jobs. 

4. Easy Insulation Options

One common concern with steel doors is that they won't provide sufficient insulation. The good news is that the core of the door doesn't have to be hollow. Insulated steel doors have a highly insulated core, typically filled with effective but lightweight foam insulation. This means your garage door can help improve the energy efficiency of the home if you have an attached garage. Plus, it will be more comfortable in the garage year-round.

5. Cost-Effective

Steel doors are cost-effective for a couple of reasons. First, they are simply lower cost to produce compared to many wood designs and even some vinyl doors. If you are installing an automatic garage door, they can also be cost-effective thanks to their lighter weight when compared to wood — steel doors may not need as powerful of an opener to operate well. Less powerful openers tend to cost less overall.

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