Three Types Of Garage Doors

Choosing the right garage door for your home can transform the appearance and improve the functionality of the garage space. Understanding the different materials and options for you might help you make the best decision for your home. Each type of door will require garage door repair if you do not take care of them and do your part to keep them functioning and safe for your family. Here are the different types of garage doors and the reasons why each one is used.


Most builders choose to put in aluminum garage doors because of the cost and weight of the door. Many homeowners do not understand the importance of investing in a garage door and just want the most affordable option on the market, and often times aren't given a choice as to which door is installed. Aluminum doors are a lightweight option and do not put too much strain on the garage door opening system. Garage door repair on an aluminum door is usually the most affordable and easiest type of door to fix if issues arise. The interior parts such as the tracks and rollers are also made of aluminum so in the event of any problems, this type of door is the easiest to repair. 


Steel is a good option if you are wanting a metal door, but not wanting to deal with something as lightweight as aluminum. Steel can be known to dent easily and rust over time, so it does require maintenance on a regular basis. Repainting is a chore that will have to be done every few years to keep your door looking new, but there are options for overlay layers to protect the steel frame of your door. If your children use balls or other sports gear that might come in contact with the garage door, steel might not be the best option as it can dent and scratch very easily.


Much like steel garage doors, wooden garage doors require the most amount of maintenance. Overtime the stain can fade and require upkeep if it is in a humid environment. The durability of wooden doors as well as the appearance of them is what usually convinces people to go this route, but knowing the upkeep ahead of time will help you when making your garage door choice. Ask your builder for suggestions on which type of door looks best with the style of your home, as well as how to make the most affordable option for you.

To learn some more about garage doors, feel free to reach out to garage companies to learn more.