Be Aware Of These Repair Issues With Your Garage Door

A garage door is used every single day, but many people don't think about the kind of maintenance it needs to stay working. There are many aspects of a garage door that can unexpectedly break down, which can leave you with a car stuck inside the garage or be a potential safety hazard. Be aware of what can go wrong with a garage door and need repair.

Frayed Cables

All of those mechanical components of your garage door operate thanks to tension. Without tension, the door wouldn't be able to open and close without any assistance. One part that can become damaged due to the tension that is put on it are the cables. Those torsion cables need to withstand the pressure that comes from operating the door, but they can become weak over time and start to fray. If you notice that the cables have become frayed, you'll need to replace them as soon as possible.

Track Obstructions

Anything that is on the track is going to restrict how the rollers roll over it and cause the door to break. That's why you'll want to look at the tracks periodically to make sure that it is free of any debris. It can be very hard to miss something that is stuck on the tracks due to it being so hard to see, so you may need to get out the ladder to climb up there and take a closer look.

Safety Sensor Malfunction

Every garage door has two safety mechanisms. One of them is designed to put the garage door in reverse if something crosses the path of the door, and another will do the same if the door comes in contact with an object. It's important to test both of these features periodically to ensure that they are working. You don't want to wait until the door hurts someone or damages your car all because you didn't bother to test the safety mechanisms.

Metal Corrosion

There are many metal parts of a garage door that can rust and require replacement. Take a look at all the hardware that holds the garage door together, which includes the hinges that connect each panel, the rollers, and various nuts and bolts. Make sure to replace any hardware that is corroding so that the part doesn't break unexpectedly.

Reach out to a garage door repair technician if you need help making repairs to your home's garage door.