Know When To Call For Overhead Door Repair For Better Function

Overhead door services can come and inspect your garage door when it begins to have problems. You might notice that your door opens more slowly than normal, or you can't get your door to stay in the open position. Most issues with your overhead doors are easy to repair, but you have to have the right tools and equipment to do the job correctly. Problems with tension springs can be dangerous, and it is important to leave any tension spring repairs up to professionals.

If you have problems with your tracks and loose brackets, or can't figure out why your door won't shut all the way, overhead door services can help. Here are additional scenarios when it would be appropriate to call overhead door repair services for help. 

Your Door Doesn't Shut Completely

The stop limit switch on your garage door system tells your opener to stop running once the door is shut. If your door doesn't reach the bottom, you might need to adjust your stop limit switch slightly. You might have something in the way, preventing the door from shutting completely. If the photo eyes are not lined up, your door will reverse direction when it tries to close.

Loose Tracks and Your Door Function

Loose tracks happen when brackets fall off of your track system. If you have a loose track, it won't be able to hold the weight of your garage door easily. This usually results in the door reversing direction mid-trip without any obvious reason. Check your tracks to make sure they are clean, and look at the brackets to see if they are in place. Tracks have to be lined up perfectly for the door to work well.

Slow Moving Doors

If your door starts to move very slowly, the problem is either your opener, your tension springs, or both. Try opening the door manually. If the door is very heavy, the tension springs aren't helping you with the weight of the door and need to be adjusted or replaced. When your opener needs to be replaced, it will go slowly no matter how good your tension springs are. Your springs last up to 7 years, while your opener can last about 15 years.

Know when to call for help when you need garage door repair. Don't try to work on the tension springs, as you can get seriously injured in the process. Avoid getting stuck by calling for help before your door completely stops working and get the repairs you need.