Common Garage Door Services To Keep Your Door Working Properly

Your automatic garage door system can work great one minute and then stop working completely the next. While it often feels like garage door problems come out of nowhere, there are times when you have a bit of a warning that something is about to go wrong. If a door reverses direction mid-trip, there could be something in the track. A lost bracket can make the tracks uneven, causing a door to change direction. Loose torsion springs can make it difficult to open your door or keep it open. A broken wheel may make terrible noise as your door opens and closes. If your door seems to be working poorly, it's time to contact garage door services to fix the issue.

The Door Doesn't Stay Open

The torsion springs hold your garage door when it is in the open position. Torsion springs only last about 5 to 7 years and get loose over time. Your garage door services may be able to adjust the torsion springs or replace them as needed. If your torsion springs are weak and the door is in the open position, this is a hazard. If a spring snaps, you can get injured by flying metal or from the heavy weight of the door slamming down.

Your Opener Is Slow

A slow-moving door indicates an issue with your torsion springs, the opener, or both. Once torsion springs are replaced, you may still have a slow opener. Your opener should last about 15 years, but it can die early with frequent use. Your garage door services will suggest a new garage door opener if the springs have been changed yet your door still opens slowly.

Understanding Your Tracks

Your two garage door tracks must be perfectly parallel to one another for the door to open and close smoothly. If one bracket is missing, this is going to make it harder for your door to open and close. Brackets become loose because there is a vibration caused when the door opens and closes. If you keep opening and closing your door with a missing bracket, this is going to eventually bend one of the tracks and make it hard for the tracks to be parallel. If the track needs to be repaired, you should contact a garage door service.

Your garage door services should be called when you note problems with how your door functions. If you keep tripping the electrical circuit, the door is slow, or it continually reverses direction, garage door services can solve the problem for you.