How Garage Door Sensors Keep The Door From Closing And The Repairs That They Could Need

A common garage door problem is a bad reversing sensor. When this part malfunctions, your garage door will open, but it won't close. The reversing sensor is a safety feature that keeps the door from closing on one of your kids or an animal. The door doesn't close when it senses something in the way, but when the sensor malfunctions, the door won't close even if there is nothing in the way. If you're not handy with wiring and replacing mechanical parts, you'll probably want to call a garage door repair service for help. However, there are some simple checks you can make first. Here are some things to do for a garage door that won't close.

Remove Obstructions From The Beam Path

There are two sensors on the bottom of your garage door that have to be in alignment with each other. One sends a beam of light and the other receives it. Anything that blocks the beam, such as dust, water drops, a box, or a leaf, can keep the sensors from working. Make sure nothing is in the way of the beam and clean each sensor. Also, make sure the sensors are in alignment with each other by checking that each one has an indicator light on. These simple steps could fix the problem, but if not, the wiring or a sensor could be bad, and you'll probably need a garage door repair professional's help.

Call A Repair Service To Check The Wiring

The wiring to a sensor could get pulled loose if you have a lot of clutter stored near the door. It's also possible a rat or mouse could chew through the wiring and damage it. A repair person will check your sensors and wiring to pinpoint the problem and replace the wiring if doing so is necessary.

Replace The Sensors

Sensors get old just like the rest of your garage door. If the sensors malfunction due to old age or other damage, then the repair person can replace one or both of them with new sensors so your door works properly again. Even though the sensors are small parts, they play an important role in the functioning of your garage door and as a safety precaution. You'll need to figure out what's causing them to malfunction and have the sensors repaired so your garage door can shut and lock for security reasons. Whether the sensors are bad, the wiring is loose, or the sensors are out of alignment, sensor repairs are essential for the safe operation of your garage door.